Unknown Way to Improve Your Chess Game

Unknown Way to Improve Your Chess Game

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Chess Tip: Improve your chess using self-training, computer, Internet connection, and a service of the below website.

The top skill in chess is your ability to win as many games as you can. In theory, to win a chess game is simple: You should find the best moves for each position avoiding mistakes and blunders, move by move, from the initial position to the very end of the game. In practice, it may be not… However, you may improve your skill.

A best method to improve your chess is taking lessons of an experienced coach. On this page, we will reveal you a chess tip to show a similar method how to improve your chess game using self-training, your computer, Internet connection, and a great service provided by the chess website chessbomb.com.

Self-Training Idea To Improve Chess

1. Chessbomb.com provides a service of displaying all chess games of the most important current chess tournaments – with displaying online analysis of each game, computed by a strong chess engine, move by move. In other words, you can replay any game to analyze it and learn by comparing the real moves that were made in the game with those, the best ones, shown by the chess engine.

2. The chess engine will show you the best moves and lines for the both parties. It will also show you the mistakes and blunders… The method to improve your chess game is the following: Spend 15-30 minutes daily to analyze the games on chessbomb.com trying to find the best moves in each position, advancing move by move ahead – to compare with those best moves shown by the chess engine.

Improve Your Chess Game Using ChessBomb

1. You can find the link to open ChessBomb at the bottom of this page. But before opening it, please carefully read the detailed explanations on what to do below. The explanations are supplemented with the corresponding pictures.

2. Visit ChessBomb and first open any chess tournament by clicking a link under Latest events on the left (we are clicking Groningen Chess Festival 2017):

click tournament

3. Then click any game on the right in the game list of the latest round of the tournament (we are clicking the game Bok, Benjamin – De Jong, Migchiel; Round 03):

click game

Important. If a game of the latest round does not start or is beginning, click the previous round to find a game that has ended. You need a game with full notation, from the very beginning to the end – to analyze and learn the moves.

4A. This will open the final position of the game shown below. On the below picture you can see that:
• Benjamin Bock played as White, and White has won.
• White won after 36. Qxb6, and after this move Black resigned.
• On the right, there is a chess notation of the game (1. d4 e6 2. Nf3 ..).
• On the left, there are 4 best moves (lines) computed by the chess engine for Black if Black would continue (you remember that Black resigned).

click final position

4B. Let’s continue to see that (see again on the same picture below):
• 4 lines to continue are located in the following order: the best Black line is at the top, the worth one at the bottom.
• The best Black line runs in this way: 5.46 36… Qxc7 37. Re8+ Kg7, which means that White will be better at +5.46 pawns (+ White better; – Black better).
• If Black plays his second best line with 36… Nd7 37. Qb7 Qf8, White will be better at +10.62 pawns.
• Blunders are marked in red, bad moves in pink…

click final position

5. Set the initial position on the chess board and replay the game from the initial position to the end of the game. To set the initial position, click on the first move of the game (1.d4), or click the leftmost move button (find 4 move buttons at the bottom right on the above picture: Initial Position, Previous Move, Next Move, Final Position).

6. After you click a move, the search engine will show you the best 4 lines for each party starting from the next move, with estimation who is better (for example: 0.47, 1.27, -2.05, etc). Analyze each position and learn the best lines trying to understand the idea of each move. You should have self-training for 15-30 minutes on a daily basis to improve your chess.

7. Now you are ready to begin self-training to improve your chess game. Follow the above recommendations and click the following link to start training at ChessBomb.

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