Survive and win

Chess Puzzle 45

A best endgame puzzle in chess. Famous and beautiful.
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Chess Puzzle 45: White to move and win
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 45 Solution Hints
If the first move of White is incorrect, Black may checkmate Rd1#. What is the way out for White to survive? But even more: How can White play in this position to win? First, move the White rook to deliver check… Second, sacrifice the White rook… Third, think how to play for White in order to promote…

Puzzle 45 Data
1. Author: Watkinson, John (1833-1923); England.
2. Year:    1866

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess Puzzle 45

The Puzzle Answer
1. Rg6+       Kh3
2. Rg1!!       hg=Q+
3. Kxg1        Kg3
[Black has to keep mate threat]
4. Kf1          Kf3
5. e8=Q!      Rd1+
[5. Ke1?? Re2+ 0-1]
6. Qe1        1-0
[Learn the White rook maneuver Rg6-Rg1]

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Survive and win. First move the rook to check. Then sacrifice the rook. Chess puzzle 45. Author - Watkinson, John. Year - 1866.

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