Chess Puzzle 8

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Chess Puzzle 8: White to move and draw
White to move and draw
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 8 Solution Hints
Black has 2 extra pawns and is threatening to mate by Re1. But maybe White is able to make a forced stalemate here... The White king is to stay where it is, and the White rook to do the rest. First deliver check, then use the crazy rook.

Puzzle 8 Data
1. Alessandro Salvio (1570-1640). Italian chess player. The unofficial world champion around the year 1600.
2. Year:    1634

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess Puzzle 8

The Puzzle Answer
1. Rh7+  Kg3
2. Re7    Ra8
[If 2... Rxe7, then stalemate]
3. Ra7    Rc8
4. Rc7    1/2-1/2
[The White rook has turned crazy, and...]
[Black cannot take the rook because of stalemate]

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