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Chess Puzzle 20: White to move and draw.
White to move and draw       [The Answer at the bottom]
* The Puzzle Hints
White cannot prevent the Black promotion (see 2 Black pawns running down in a big smile). But... the White pieces can be 3 moves apart from locking themselves into stalemate... And it does not matter where Black will move and how many Queens he will have...

* The Puzzle Data
1. Author: Campbell, Joseph Graham (1830-1891).
2. Year:    1855

* The Puzzle Recommendation
You are recommended not to solve the Chess Puzzle from the computer's screen. Please set up the Puzzle's position on the chess board. The Puzzle Answer is at the bottom of the page and you can revisit the page for the answer next time.

Try to solve the Chess Puzzle by yourself. You are advised to recheck your solution first and only then to see the answer to the Chess Puzzle below. Please do not look down at the Puzzle Answer before the time. This shall not improve your chess.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

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* The Puzzle Answer
1. Bd2        h2
2. Ba5        h1=Q
3. b4         1/2-1/2 go upBack to Top
[White pieces locked themselves]
[White now has no any legal move]
[Black cannot unlock. For example: 3... Qe4 Stalemate]

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