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Chess endgame puzzle 1
White to move and draw
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Puzzle 1 Solution Hints
This puzzle is considered to be a most famous endgame puzzle in chess. Many chess players were surprised, many articles written... To draw, White must take the Black pawn or promote his own. The Black king is too close, and the White king is not. But if the White king moves diagonally in order to fight on two fronts... This endgame puzzle has introduced the Reti maneuver in chess.

Puzzle 1 Data
1. Author: Richard Reti
2. Year:    1921

About the Author
Richard Reti (1889-1929) was a famous chess composer and an Austrian-Hungarian (later Czechoslovakian) chess player. He is the inventor of the Reti maneuver in chess. His older brother Rudolph Reti was a noted pianist, musical theorist, and composer. Richard Reti composed at least one endgame puzzle together with Henri Rinck, who is considered to be the most famous chess composer on endgame study.

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Chess endgame puzzle 1

The Puzzle Answer
1. Kg7! h4    2. Kf6! h3
[2... Kb6 3. Ke5! h3 4. Kd6 1/2-1/2]
3. Ke6 [Ke7] h2 4. c7 Kb7 5. Kd7 1/2-1/2
[[1... Kb6 2. Kf6! ...
2... Kxc6 3. Kg5 1/2-1/2]
2... h4 3. Ke5! Kxc6 4. Kf4 1/2-1/2]

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chess endgame puzzle 1

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