Pawn double-sacrifice chess combination puzzle

Chess Puzzle 52

A best endgame puzzle in chess. Famous and beautiful.
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Chess Puzzle 52: White to move and win
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 52 Solution Hints
Useful chess puzzle to learn the pawn double-sacrifice combination to block the dangerous bishop and open road for your passed pawn. First sacrifice the left pawn, then sacrifice the right pawn. Move the last pawn, middle one, on… The Black bishop has been blocked by its own pawn, and the White promotion road is free…

Puzzle 52 Data
1. Author: Prokesh, Ladislav (1884-1966).
Famous chess composer, Czechoslovakia.
2. Year:    1947

Puzzle Recomendations
The endgame puzzles in this section are beautiful, best and practical to learn chess endgame; some of them are famous. All of them are taken from Chess Endgames software for Windows PC. Each puzzle contains at least 1 winning idea; usually — 2 or 3. Learn the winning ideas of chess endgame to win more games in real!

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess Puzzle 52

The Puzzle Answer
1. d6!       ed
[Black has to take the d-pawn]
2. f5!        ef
[Black has to take again…]
[2… Bxe5? 3. fe with promotion]
3. e6        1-0
[The White promotion road e6-e8 is free]
[The Black bishop is blocked by its own pawn on d6]
[Sacrifice to block the bishop with its friendly piece]
[Sacrifice again to open road for your passed pawn]

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The pawn double-sacrifice combination. Sacrifice 2 pawns to win. Puzzle 52. Only the best, famous, and beautiful. Author: Prokesh, Ladislav. Year: 1947.

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