How to Get Initial Chess Rating in FIDE

1. Getting the initial chess rating in FIDE may be easy, but the procedures of getting it will take some time. First you must participate in any official chess tournament which is recognized by FIDE (World Chess Federation).

2. Not all chess tournaments allow the unrated chess players to participate in. Usually, the allowed tournaments for the unrated chess players are marked as "Open". On this issue, you can contact your local chess club or find a tournament via Internet.

3. After you have finished your first chess tournament (event), the tournament organizer will send the Tournament Results Table to FIDE. After receiving the Table, FIDE will check and recalculate your results and may assign and publish your initial rating or may not - it depends on your play.

4. The following is how FIDE calculates your initial rating:

• One chess tournament may be enough to get the initial rating. If not, FIDE may "accumulate" your results for 2, 3, or even more tournaments counting them as one long tournament (event) and then assign the initial rating.

all games are counted, with rated and unrated opponents, in the round Robin tournament. Example of round Robin tournament: 9 players, 9 tours; you play with all players one by one. FIDE requirements for round Robin tournament: at least one-third of the players must be rated; if 10 players, 4 must be rated.

only games with rated opponents are counted in the Swiss or team tournament. Example of Swiss tournament: 100 players, 9 tours; you play only with 9 players.

• if you score 0 or 0.5 in the first game, it will be disregarded.
• If you score less than 1 point in your first rated event, or if you play with fewer than 3 rated opponents in any event, your score will be disregarded.

• Then FIDE calculates the average rating of your opponents. In round Robin tournament (all your games are counted) the Opponents' Average is calculated by the special formula. In Swiss or team tournament (only your games with rated players are counted) the Opponents' Average is the average of your rated opponents.

if you score 50%, then your initial rating will be equal to your Opponents' Average.
if you score more than 50%, then your initial rating will be equal to your Opponents' Average plus 12.5 for each half point scored over 50%.
if you score less than 50%, then your initial rating will be equal to your Opponents' Average minus special value which is calculated based on your performance.

5. FIDE will publish your initial rating if you meet the following requirements:
• You played minimum 9 games against the rated or unrated opponents in the round Robin tournament events.
• You played minimum 9 games against the rated opponents in the Swiss or team tournament events.
• Your initial calculated rating is 1200 or higher.
Note. 1200 is the FIDE rating floor from 1 July 2009.

6. The procedures of getting and then publishing the initial FIDE rating takes at minimum 1 month. It may take 2 months, 3, 4, or even more... But if you are good in chess, it shall be not problem for you to get the initial rating in FIDE.

7. Once you receive the initial rating (it will be officially published in the monthly FIDE rating list), from this time on it will be recalculated after each chess tournament you participate in - according to the usual formulas and procedures of FIDE (for details, see Elo Rating System in Simple on the Home page).

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