Famous chess puzzle by Fernando Saavedra

Chess Puzzle 11

A best endgame puzzle in chess. Famous and beautiful to learn
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Chess endgame puzzle 11
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 11 Solution Hints
To win, White must promote and do not give any chance for Black to take the pawn. Any… Each move must be very accurate. First, move the pawn on… The Black rook will check… Then move the White king down… At the very end, think about correct promotion… This puzzle is not easy, but it is beautiful and useful. This is the famous chess puzzle by F. Saavedra, the pawn vs rook endgame. You should learn.

Puzzle 11 Data
1. Author: Fernando Saavedra
2. Year:    1895

About the Author
The Saavedra position is one of the best known chess endgame studies — the Saavedra position is shown above. It is named after the Spanish priest Fernando Saavedra (1849–1922), who, while living in Glasgow in the late 19th century, spotted a win in a position previously thought to have been a draw.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 11

The Puzzle Answer
1. c7     Rd6+    2. Kb5!    …
[2. Kb7? Rd7 with taking the pawn]
[2. Kc5? Rd1 with skewer Rc1+]

2. …     Rd5+    3. Kb4   Rd4+
4. Kb3   Rd3+    5. Kc2   Rd4!!
6. c8=R!!   …
[with the mate threat Ra8#]
[6. c8=Q? Rc4+! 7. Qxc4 draw by stalemate]

6. …     Ra4
7. Kb3   1-0
[Black will lose with mate on c1 or by losing his rook]
[This is the famous chess endgame puzzle by F. Saavedra]

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Chess endgame puzzle 11

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