Endgame Puzzle on Chess Interference

Chess Puzzle 88

A best endgame puzzle in chess. Famous and beautiful.
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Chess Puzzle 88
White to move and win       [The Answer at the bottom]
* The Puzzle Hints
Learning striking winning ideas and combinations in the chess endgame… The theme of this endgame puzzle is dedicated to the interference… This is the only way for White to promote. Hint 1: First move the passing pawn one square up, and the Black rook will move on c4 to stop the promotion… Hint 2: Think how to neutralize the Black rook and promote… The interference piece is the White knight.

* The Puzzle Data
1. Author: Coster C. H.
2. Year:    1881

* The Puzzle Recommendation
You are recommended to write down the Puzzle initial position and set up the Puzzle on the real chess board. If you are a chess beginner, please read the Puzzle Hints before solving. If you are a chess master or Grandmaster, you must solve the puzzle without reading the Puzzle Hints. After solving, you can revisit this page to see the puzzle solution (answer) below. If you like, you can solve the endgame puzzle online. Please carefully learn the solution. The strong move is marked as “!”, the brilliant move as “!!”, the weak move as “?”, and the blunder as “??”

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess Endgame Puzzle 88

* The Puzzle Answer
1. c7         Rc4
2. Rh1+!     Kg5
[See below why the 2.Rh1+ check is needed]
3. Rc1!!      Rxc1
[See next why the White rook sacrifice is needed]
4. Ne4+      Kf5
[Because the Black King is now on g5… the]
[White knight may check and move on c3 next…]
5. Nc3       1-0
[The Black rook on c1 is cut off from the passing pawn]
[White has implemented the interference and may promote.]

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Chess Endgame Puzzle 88

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