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Famous and beautiful, online puzzles to improve chess endgame.
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III. Endgame Puzzles for Chess Master 61-90:

Chess Puzzle 61   Chess Puzzle 62   Chess Puzzle 63

Chess Puzzle 64   Chess Puzzle 65   Chess Puzzle 66

Chess Puzzle 67   Chess Puzzle 68   Chess Puzzle 69

Chess Puzzle 70   Chess Puzzle 71   Chess Puzzle 72

Chess Puzzle 73   Chess Puzzle 74   Chess Puzzle 75

Chess Puzzle 76   Chess Puzzle 77   Chess Puzzle 78

Chess Puzzle 79   Chess Puzzle 80   Chess Puzzle 81

Chess Puzzle 82   Chess Puzzle 83   Chess Puzzle 84

Chess Puzzle 85   Chess Puzzle 86   Chess Puzzle 87

Chess Puzzle 88   Chess Puzzle 89   Chess Puzzle 90

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Less Puzzles:     Chess Puzzles 31-60

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At the top, you can find the links for the online chess endgame puzzles 91-120. Below, you can find 2 links for 2 chess products - 350 Endgame Puzzles for Chess Masters PDF (PDF ebook) and Chess Endgame Puzzle Software for Windows PC (chess software). The chess products are represented as demo versions.

To open an online chess endgame puzzle, or the home page of a chess product, just click the corresponding link. All of them were selected as best chess endgame puzzles to practice and learn endgame. The online puzzles provide the solution hints. All puzzles are designed for intermediate and advanced chess players.

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To find more chess puzzles, visit the Main Chess Puzzles Page of Then find and click a corresponding link on that page. You can find there chess puzzles for beginners, for intermediate and advanced chess players. You can see them as chess puzzle software, online chess puzzles, and chess puzzle PDF ebooks.

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This is the launch page for online Chess Puzzles 61-90 - all of them are dedicated to the chess endgame. All of them are created by famous chess composers to practice and learn the chess endgame. To open and solve a puzzle, just click the corresponding link at the top of this page. The puzzle solution hints are provided for each chess puzzle. The endgame puzzles are designed for intermediate and advanced chess players, including chess masters and grandmasters.

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Online chess chess puzzles 61-90


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Puzzles 61-90

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