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Elo Calculator

1. Chess Organizations 5 links
Category 1: FIDE, USCF, chess organizations, clubs.

2. Chess Tournaments • 5 links
Category 2: Find chess tournaments via the web.

3. Chess Programs 7 links
Category 3: Chess programs, both freeware and shareware.

4. Chess Ratings • 6 links
Category 4: Top players, rating lists, titles, norms, Elo system.

5. Chess Games 8 links
Category 5: Play online, download games, openings, puzzles.

6. Chess Topics • 6 links
Category 6: Chess news, articles, blogs, chess links.

7. Chess Beginner 7 links
Category 7: What may be useful for chess beginners.

8. Chess Advertisement • 9 links
Category 8: Chess websites and products by free advertisement.


Note. Chess links web directory on is not a parade of best looking chess sites on the web but a compilation of the chess links you may need. We are trying to find and put into the directory the links to useful and trusted chess websites. We also are giving hand to new and unknown chess websites.

You can find the new websites in the Chess Advertisement category which is the last category 8 of the web directory. As a rule, those links belong to new and unknown chess websites, and they go with the “nofollow” attribute. Please propose your chess links by sending your comments at webmaster[at]

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