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1. Main Variations of the Sicilian Defense
This is a chess video on YouTube. Shows how to play 3 main lines and 15 main variations of the Sicilian Defense.

2. Amateur Chess Organization
A new World Chess Organization for amateur chess players up to 2400 ELO.

3. Online Chess Server
One of the best places where one can play an internet chess.

4. Playing Chess Online
Play chess online free, no sign-up.

5. Echecs Gratuit
Play free chess game against a computer (a French site).

6. Ideachess – Online Chess Tactics Trainer
Over 40.000 interactive chess tactics problems to play against the computer.

7. Chess Tactics
All chess tactics in one video, 6 min. 40 sec.

8. Chess Quotes
Chess quotes by Grandmasters, World Champions and prominent chess personalities.

9. Play Chess Online on InstantChess
Enjoy playing chess online with opponents worldwide. No registration, No downloads. Great design.

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