Chess Puzzles [for mobile]

On, this is the main page for chess puzzles. From here, you can start trying to solve beautiful and useful chess puzzles with solution hints and solutions. There are puzzles for intermediate chess players and for beginners. It is you to decide which link to click. The links are below:

Chess Puzzles for Intermediate Chess Players

Chess Puzzles for Chess Beginners

Below is more information on the chess puzzles proposed on this site. First of all, be sure to click the link for intermediate players if you are rated at least 1200-1400 in any chess organization or playing chess as strong. If you are not, you are welcome to click the second link that is for chess beginners.

All chess puzzles for intermediate chess players are classical endgame puzzles created by the famous or well-known chess composers. All chess puzzles for chess beginners are classical training positions for chess beginners to improve their chess. In all chess puzzles, White to Move.

There will be only one puzzle per page. On the top of each page, you will see a puzzle, its short description and the puzzle solution hints. First try to solve the puzzle without reading the solution hints. If not success, please do read them. You will see the puzzle solution at the bottom of each page.

Beneath the puzzle solution, you can find more useful information related for the chess puzzle proposed. For example, if the pin or skewer chess tactic was used to solve the puzzle, there will be short information on that chess tactic. You may find a short explanation what is stalemate, windmill and the like.

Have a nice trip to the world of chess. Thank you and enjoy!

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