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Welcome to the chess puzzles for kids on! The following online chess puzzles are designed for the young chess players and for those who just started to learn chess – making the first steps in understanding this beautiful game.

The chess puzzles for kids will help you learn the main typical positions to mate the opponent’s king, to conduct chess combinations and win material using the main chess tactics (fork, pin, skewer, double attack, deflection, and the like).

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[Chess Puzzles 1-90 are below.]

I. Online Chess Puzzles for Kids 1-90:

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Read More About Chess Puzzles for Kids

From this page you can start to solve online chess puzzles for kids on In whole, all chess puzzles for kids are not difficult and they are very easy from the very beginning. Then the puzzles may be not so easy to solve. To open a chess puzzle, click any of the puzzle links at the top of this page.

To place all puzzle links before your eyes, you can click the CLICK HERE TO BEGIN link at the very top. When you click a puzzle link, you will open a page with 2 chess puzzle on it. Each chess puzzle will have its own chess task for the White player like these: “Mate in 1”, “Win the queen”, “Win the rook”, etc.

White to begin and you are to play as White. To see the first correct move, hover the mouse over the puzzle picture on a desktop computer. To see the first correct move on a mobile computer, touch the puzzle picture. To see the puzzle solution, click The Answer button below the puzzle picture.

See the solutions with the puzzle pictures at the bottom of the open page. All puzzle solutions are shown with the moves written in simple chess notation and with the description text explaining the solutions. All puzzles will show you typical positions how to mate and win material using the main chess tactics.

The chess puzzles for kids are arranged in order of difficulty. It means that the difficulty level gradually increases throughout the collection: the easiest puzzles are at the beginning, while the most difficult ones can be found at the end. At maximum, you are recommended to solve no more than 4-8 puzzles in one sitting.

And just a few additional words to add before a close… The current chess puzzles are designed not only for the kids who are 5, 6, or 7 years old. They are also suitable for the people who are not so young, but who want learn how to play chess and who want to improve chess playing skill fast at the very beginning…

The chess puzzles for kids on are presented as online chess puzzles. They are easy and useful; they are practical and free. The puzzles for kids must help you improve your chess… Thank you very much indeed for visiting us, have a great day, and enjoy solving online chess puzzles for kids!

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