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Improve your chess | Free Online Chess Puzzles for Beginner:  Combination puzzles to improve chess tactics.

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Welcome to chess puzzles for beginners and casual chess players on! You can begin to solve free online chess puzzles for beginners by clicking the links below or download 900 Chess Puzzles for Windows PC at the bottom.

The online chess puzzles for beginners and casual chess players were selected to improve your chess and are interesting by themself. The online chess puzzles for beginners are easy at the start. Then the puzzles will be not so easy to solve.

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[Chess Puzzles 1-90 are below.]

I. Online Chess Puzzles for Beginners 1-90:

Chess Puzzles 1-2       Chess Puzzles 3-4       Chess Puzzles 5-6  

Chess Puzzles 7-8      Chess Puzzles 9-10     Chess Puzzles 11-12

Chess Puzzles 13-14   Chess Puzzles 15-16   Chess Puzzles 17-18

Chess Puzzles 19-20   Chess Puzzles 21-22   Chess Puzzles 23-24

Chess Puzzles 25-26   Chess Puzzles 27-28   Chess Puzzles 29-30

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Chess Puzzles 31-32   Chess Puzzles 33-34   Chess Puzzles 35-36

Chess Puzzles 37-38   Chess Puzzles 39-40   Chess Puzzles 41-42

Chess Puzzles 43-44   Chess Puzzles 45-46   Chess Puzzles 47-48

Chess Puzzles 49-50   Chess Puzzles 51-52   Chess Puzzles 53-54

Chess Puzzles 55-56   Chess Puzzles 57-58   Chess Puzzles 59-60

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Chess Puzzles 61-62   Chess Puzzles 63-64   Chess Puzzles 65-66

Chess Puzzles 67-68   Chess Puzzles 69-70   Chess Puzzles 71-72

Chess Puzzles 73-74   Chess Puzzles 75-76   Chess Puzzles 77-78

Chess Puzzles 79-80   Chess Puzzles 81-82   Chess Puzzles 83-84

Chess Puzzles 85-86   Chess Puzzles 87-88   Chess Puzzles 89-90

More Puzzles for Beginners:   Online Puzzles 91-180 more puzzles

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II. Chess Puzzles Software for Windows PC:

download icon 900 Chess Puzzles for Windows – 714 KB
900 Chess Puzzles is designed for the beginner and casual chess player to learn and practice chess tactics. The winning motifs of all chess puzzles are explained in the puzzle solutions. The demo version includes the first 100 puzzles and the full version 900. The full version of this software is distributed as setup wizard compressed into a single zip file, with the licensee name printed on the program title bars. You can read more about 900 Chess Puzzles for Windows   here  .

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More About Chess Puzzles for Beginners

This is the main page for the chess puzzles for beginners and casual chess players on At the top, you can find the links for the online chess puzzles. Below them, you can download the 900 Chess Puzzles Software for Windows. The 900 Chess Puzzles software is designed for strong chess beginners to improve chess.

The chess puzzles of the above software are not so easy, and they are interesting and useful to solve… The demo version of 900 Chess Puzzles (free version) holds the first 100 puzzles. The full version includes the full set of 900 chess puzzles. This chess puzzle software will allow you to enjoy solving chess puzzles for months.

And the following is more information about the online chess puzzles. The online chess puzzles are easy at the start, but then they will be not so easy to solve. The online chess puzzles for beginners and casual chess players were selected from training positions, famous endgame compositions and real chess games.

What will you see on the page after you click a link for the online chess puzzles? The page will be titled like this: “Chess Puzzles 25 and 26 for Beginner.” At the top, you will see the pictures of Chess Puzzle 25 and Chess Puzzle 26. At the bottom, you will see the same puzzle pictures with the solutions explained.

Each online chess puzzle has the following description lines: “White to move – Play as White”, “The puzzle solution at the bottom”, “To see the 1st correct move: Hover the mouse over the puzzle or touch the puzzle picture for mobile” (when you hover the mouse over the puzzle picture, you will see the first correct move).

You can also find the link “Chess Puzzle 26 (next one) is below” – click it to see the next puzzle by number. The most important is The Answer button (in gray color). Click it to see the puzzle solution. You can see and learn the puzzle solutions at the bottom. The puzzle solutions are shown with the description text like this:

“The White knight delivers check and attacks the Black queen using the fork. Because of the fork, Black has to take the White knight. Then White conducts the discovered check combination with attack on the Black queen to take it.” The puzzles and their solutions are separated by the big green sign “The solutions are below.”

The chess tasks of the online chess puzzles for beginners and casual chess players include the following ones: Win the queen in 3 moves, Win the rook in 2 moves, Win the bishop, Mate in 2, Mate in 3, Promote a pawn, Draw in 2 moves, and the like. It is White to move and you are to play as White – for all chess puzzles…

A lot of people are looking for nice, easy and useful chess puzzles for beginners and casual chess players. The puzzles here are useful, practical, and free. They will help you develop the chess pattern recognition to improve your chess. Solve online chess puzzles for beginners and casual chess players to learn!

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