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900 Chess Puzzles for beginners and intermediate chess players to learn and practice chess tactics.
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Notes. Please find more information about 900 Chess Puzzles for Windows below. You can download 900 Chess Puzzles Demo at the bottom of this page.

• 900 Chess Puzzles is designed for beginners and intermediate chess players to learn and practice chess tactics. It runs on a Windows desktop or notebook personal computer with a minimum screen resolution of 800×600.

• The chess puzzles of the program were selected from many training positions, chess compositions and real chess games. 5 percent of them has difficulty level for the rating 1000-1200, 80 percent for 1201-1400, and 15 percent for 1401 and above.

• The winning motifs of all chess puzzles are explained in the puzzle solutions. To learn the correct answer and winning motifs of a chess puzzle, click Solution. To see the chess task, click Hint 1. To see the first correct move, click Hint 2.

• For puzzle navigation, click Back or Next. To clean interface when you are solving the puzzle, click Hide. To return back, click Show. Click the menu commands to open the program tools (puzzle timer, puzzle search, program Help link).

• 900 Chess Puzzles has the following 2 versions: the demo version and the full version. The demo version includes the first 100 chess puzzles of the full version. The full version provides the full set of 900 chess puzzles.

• The name of the demo version is 900 Chess Puzzles Demo. The demo version may be freely distributed and used. The full version of 900 Chess Puzzles is compiled for the licensee personally with his or her name printed on the program title bars.

• The full version is delivered to the licensee via e-mail within 3 working days (please be advised that for delivery, Saturday and Sunday are counted as non-working days). The file size of the full version of 900 Chess Puzzle is less than 6 MB.

• The basic price is $12.00 USD per license (per computer). The license price may be changed without prior notice.

• The licensee is allowed to make a backup copy of the full version on a CD/flash drive provided that it is protected from illegal distribution/use. After downloading the full version, the licensee must permanently delete the received e-mail from the server of his or her e-mail provider.

900 Chess Puzzles is distributed as setup wizard compressed into a single zip file. To download the demo version of 900 Chess Puzzles, click the link below:

software sign 900 Chess Puzzles Demo 1.48 setup zip 710 KB
Chess puzzle software for beginners and intermediate chess players to learn and practice chess tactics. To unzip the setup wizard file, use WinRAR or similar program, or Windows 7 or later. Then run the setup wizard and follow the instructions until the program starts. The program shortcut will be placed on your desktop.

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