Chess Puzzle by Sandor Gruber

Chess Puzzle 67

A best endgame puzzle in chess. Famous and beautiful.
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Chess puzzle 67: White to move and win. Author - Sandor Gruber, Hungary. 1932
White to move and win       [The Answer at the bottom]
* The Puzzle Hints
This chess puzzle is mate in 7, and the following puzzle hints will help you in solving. Hint 1: The first correct move is moving the White King to make all the Black pieces immovable except the Queen – the Black Queen will have only one correct respond. Hint 2: The second move is by the knight, the third by the bishop… Hint 3: The Checkmater is the small White pawn waiting in the shadow… Hint 4: This mate in 7 puzzle has the only solution – under correct Black defense.

* The Puzzle Data
1. Author: Sandor Gruber, Hungary.
2. Year:    1932.

* The Puzzle Recommendation
You are recommended to write down the Puzzle initial position and set up the Puzzle on the real chess board. If you are a chess beginner, please read the Puzzle Hints before solving. After solving, you can revisit this page to see the solution.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess puzzle by Sandor Gruber, 1932. See the puzzle solution below.

* The Puzzle Answer
1.Kf5!         Qf8
[1… Qg8 2.Nxf6#]
2.Ng7+!       Qxg7
3.Be8+        Qg6+
4.Bxg6+       hg+
5.Kxf6         g5
6.Kf5           g4
7.hg#         1-0
[Mate in 7]

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Chess puzzle by Sandor Gruber, 1932. Mate in 7. First, move the King to block all the Black pieces except the Queen.

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