Chess puzzle by Gerald Anderson

Chess Puzzle 73

A best endgame puzzle in chess. Famous and beautiful.
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White to move and draw       [The Answer at the bottom]
* The Puzzle Hints
Useful and beautiful chess puzzle. Learn 2 methods of neutralizing the opponent’s bishop which is eager to stop the promotion. See the beauty of stalemate as well. Hint 1: Move the White pawn e5 on e6 to block the bishop’s line a2-g8. Hint 2: Then move the White King back on e3 to block the second bishop’s line b1-h7. Hint 3: The White h-pawn… Beautiful stalemate… Draw.

* The Puzzle Data
1. Author: Gerald Anderson, South Africa – England.
2. Year:    1934.

* About Gerald Anderson
The life of Gerald Anderson was very interesting. He was a chess composer, ace military pilot, and diplomat. He is the author of at least 500 chess compositions. Gerald Anderson was born in South Africa in 1898. He fought successfully as a British military pilot during World War I. Then he became a British diplomat. He got the title of International Master on chess composition. He participated in a chess tournament and played with Alexander Alekhine. Gerald Anderson died in 1983.

* The Puzzle Recommendation
You are recommended to write down the Puzzle initial position and set up the Puzzle on the real chess board. If you are a chess beginner, please read the Puzzle Hints before solving. If you are a chess master, you must solve the puzzle without reading the Puzzle Hints. After solving, you can revisit this page to see the puzzle solution (answer) below.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Picture of chess puzzle 73

* The Puzzle Answer
1.e6!!      dxe6
[1… e3 2.exd7 e2 3.d8=Q Kf1 4.Qxb6 1/2-1/2]
2.Ke3      Ba2
[2… Ba2 is to intercept the White h-pawn]
3.h5        e5
4.h6        Bg8
5.h7!       Bxh7
Stalemate. Draw. 1/2-1/2

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Picture of chess puzzle 73

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