Chess puzzle 7 by Rinaldo Bianchetti on zwischenzug

Chess Puzzle 7

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Chess endgame puzzle 7
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 7 Solution Hints
You may easily find the first correct move for White… Yes, the first correct one is to move the bishop one square up. But it is only beginning — and what to do if Black will answer, for example, with simple Rf8? The correct answer is to find a waiting move to place Black in zugzwang. Such a move is called intermediate move or zwischenzug (the German word for intermediate move).

Puzzle 7 Data
1. Author: Rinaldo Bianchetti
2. Year:    1925

About the Author
Rinaldo Bianchetti (1882–1963) was an Italian endgame composer. He has proposed the theory of reciprocal squares in the pawn endgames.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 7

The Puzzle Answer
1. Bb2!   Rf8
[1… Ra6+? 2. Ra3+ 1-0]
[1… Kg8? 2. Rg3+ 1-0]

2. Rc7+  Kg8
3. Rg7+  Kh8
4. Ka2!!  1-0
[White made the waiting move 4. Ka2!! to zugzwang Black]
[Such move is called zwischenzug or intermediate move]
[Black king locked — any move of Black rook is loosing]

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Chess endgame puzzle 7

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