Chess Puzzle 1 for Beginner [for mobile]

Puzzle 1 – Beginner

Initial puzzle information: The position of this chess puzzle is taken from a real game. White can easily win a Black bishop just in 2 moves. Typical 2-move combination on double strike… Will you find it? See solution at the bottom of this page.

Chess puzzle 1 for beginner.

White to move and win the bishop in 2 moves

Puzzle hints – select: [Move the queen, double strike.]


Chess Puzzle 1 for Beginner [for mobile]

1.Qd4 Qh6 2.Qxc4

Puzzle explanation: By moving 1.Qd4, White threats to checkmate with 2.Qxg7# and attacks the Black bishop on c4. It is double strike. The Black queen has to move 1… Qh6 to defend the g7 square. Black is not able to defense the both.

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