Chess endgame puzzle by Aleksei Selesniev

Chess Puzzle 93

A best endgame puzzle in chess. Famous and beautiful to learn.
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Chess Puzzle 93: White to move and draw
White to move and draw
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 93 Solution Hints
This chess endgame puzzle is a great piece for thinking. Black has 3 extra pawns in the endgame position which is too much to deal with… White is to move and draw, and this chess task looks very difficult to achieve. But it is not… First move the White rook to check. If your endgame position is bad, sometimes the stalemate may help.

Puzzle 93 Data
1. Author: Selesniev Aleksei
2. Year:    1923

About the Author
Aleksei Selesniev (1888-1967) was a famous Russian chess endgame composer and a strong chess master. A graduate of the Moscow University’s law faculty. Was born in Russia, lived in the Soviet Union, during World War 2 emigrated to France.

Puzzle Recommendations
You may solve this chess puzzle online or using a real chess board. Find the puzzle answer (the puzzle solution) below. Analyze the solution to see the best moves for White and Black and learn the winning ideas of the chess endgame.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess Puzzle 93

The Puzzle Answer
1. Re8+!     Bxe8
2. Ne7+      Kf8
[2… Kh8 3. Ng6+]
3. Ng6+      hxg6 [fxg6] 1/2-1/2
[Draw by stalemate. Easy?]
[White can also draw by threefold repetition]
[Black may not prevent and may not win]

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Endgame puzzle 93 on stalemate, White to move and draw. Author - Aleksei Selesniev, year - 1923.

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