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Composition: 5 parts as described below

Part 1. Chess Elo rating in simple: Simple explanation of the Elo rating system in chess, namely in FIDE. Main Elo results. FIDE calculations. Formulas and examples. Chess titles, norms, initial rating. Read pages 1-2 (main information) and 3-4.

Part 2. Chesselo Search: Google custom search engine to find information on The search is conducted on this site by typing keywords and clicking the Search button. You can also see a search engine on this page – above.

Part 3. Chess Directory: The chess links web directory which is divided into 8 chess categories. There you can find useful chess links and advertise (share) your favorite websites for free. The list of the chess links is short but powerful.

Part 4. Chesselo Puzzles: Best endgame puzzles online. Online puzzles for beginners. Online checkmate puzzles with solution hints and answers. Chess puzzle software for Windows PC. Chess puzzle PDF ebooks on different topics.

Part 5. Reciprocal Links Section: This is a separate part of this website that contains the reciprocal links to the websites of our partners.

Language: The main language is English. Pages 1-2 are translated into Russian.

The links to the main parts of

Chess Elo Rating in Simple [Page 1]
Elo Rating System. General Description.
Calculating Expected Result and Rating Change.

Chess Elo Rating in Simple [Page 2]
Calculating New Rating and K-factor.
Calculating Rating Increase/Decrease.
Calculating Performance Rating.
Calculating Grandmaster and International Master Norms.
Calculating Opponents’ Average.

Chess Players Top List [Page 3]
The Highest Elo Rating in the History of FIDE.
Find Top Elo Ratings: FIDE Players Top 10.
Compare Elo Ratings: USCF Players Top 5 and FIDE.

Chess FIDE Elo Links [Page 4]
FIDE Handbook.
FIDE Players Rating List.
FIDE Players Database.

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Chess Web Directory
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