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Improve your chess | Checkmate puzzles with answers:  Mate in 2, Mate in 3, Mate in 4, Mate in 5.

Mate Puzzles – 86

Welcome to checkmate puzzles for all chess players on! This is the main page for mate puzzles on our website. You can start to solve free online checkmate puzzles on different types of chess mate from this page.

The majority of checkmate puzzles are on mate in two, then on mate in three. You will also meet some checkmate puzzles on mate in four, mate in five, and rarely on mate in one. All mate puzzles are taken from real chess games.

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[Mate Puzzles 1-90 are below.]

I. Checkmate (Mate) Puzzles for All Players 1-90:

Mate Puzzles 1-2      Mate Puzzles 3-4       Mate Puzzles 5-6  

Mate Puzzles 7-8      Mate Puzzles 9-10     Mate Puzzles 11-12

Mate Puzzles 13-14   Mate Puzzles 15-16   Mate Puzzles 17-18

Mate Puzzles 19-20   Mate Puzzles 21-22   Mate Puzzles 23-24

Mate Puzzles 25-26   Mate Puzzles 27-28   Mate Puzzles 29-30

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Mate Puzzles 31-32   Mate Puzzles 33-34   Mate Puzzles 35-36

Mate Puzzles 37-38   Mate Puzzles 39-40   Mate Puzzles 41-42

Mate Puzzles 43-44   Mate Puzzles 45-46   Mate Puzzles 47-48

Mate Puzzles 49-50   Mate Puzzles 51-52   Mate Puzzles 53-54

Mate Puzzles 55-56   Mate Puzzles 57-58   Mate Puzzles 59-60

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Mate Puzzles 61-62   Mate Puzzles 63-64   Mate Puzzles 65-66

Mate Puzzles 67-68   Mate Puzzles 69-70   Mate Puzzles 71-72

Mate Puzzles 73-74   Mate Puzzles 75-76   Mate Puzzles 77-78

Mate Puzzles 79-80   Mate Puzzles 81-82   Mate Puzzles 83-84

Mate Puzzles 85-86   Mate Puzzles 87-88   Mate Puzzles 89-90

More Puzzles:  Online Mate Puzzles 91-180

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About Checkmate Puzzles presents you a collection of beautiful checkmate puzzles to solve. All mate puzzles are practical, not imaginary in any way – they are taken from real chess games. We hope that the mate puzzle collection will give you good time to enjoy solving and help you improve your checkmating skill in chess.

This is the launch page for checkmate puzzles with answers from real chess games on You can find the links to the mate puzzles above. When you click a link, you will open a web page with 2 checkmate puzzles on it. You will see 2 checkmate puzzles at the top of the page and their solutions at the bottom.

Each mate puzzle has the following lines, like these: Mate in 3; Play as White, White to move; Zhukova N, 2440 – Sviridova V, 2144; 29 Dec 2016; Hint: Hover the mouse over the puzzle. For mobile, touch the puzzle picture; The Answer button (in gray color – click it to see the answer); Puzzle 11 solution at the bottom.

For all puzzles, White to move and mate. You will see the chess tasks as Mate in 2, Mate in 3, Mate in 4, Mate in 5, etc. All checkmate puzzles are provided with their solution hints that are shown as the first correct moves of the puzzles. To see the first correct move, just hover the mouse over the puzzle picture.

To see the first correct move of the checkmate puzzle on a mobile device, just touch the puzzle picture. Each puzzle provides information about the chess game from which the checkmate position was taken. The game information is shown in the following order: Player A, his rating – Player B, his rating; date of chess game.

The majority of the checkmate puzzles in the collection on are on Mate in 2. On the second place, you will see the checkmate puzzles on Mate in 3. Rarely, you will meet the checkmate puzzles on Mate in 4, Mate in 5, and higher. Only few chess puzzles are dedicated to the Mate in 1 positions.

Before clicking a link (on this page) to the checkmate puzzles you can hover the mouse over the puzzle link to see the chess tasks of the 2 checkmate puzzles. For example, when hovering the mouse you can see “Mate in 2 | Mate in 3”, “Mate in 2 | Mate in 2”, “Mate in 4 | Mate in 4”, “Mate in 2 | Mate in 1”, etc.

Use the navigation and topic links for easy navigation. You can also use scrolling. If you are looking for useful checkmate puzzles with answers from real chess games, you are in the correct place. Now you are ready to begin. See the links to the checkmate puzzles   above  . Have a great day and enjoy. Thank you!

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