900 Chess Puzzles for Beginners

900 Chess Puzzles for Beginners

A brand new chess puzzles software for beginners, runs on all Windows
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Notes. 900 Chess Puzzles for chess beginners runs on Windows PC with a minimum screen resolution of 800×600. You can read more about 900 Chess Puzzles at this page below. Download 900 Chess Puzzles at the bottom of this page.

900 Chess Puzzles is designed to improve your play by learning main winning ideas in chess. The puzzles were selected from chess compositions, training positions, and real games. The winning ideas of all puzzles are explained in details. The puzzles are placed in random order by their chess tasks and levels of difficulty. 5 percent of the puzzles are for the FIDE rating 1000-1200, 80 percent for the rating 1201-1400, and 15 percent for 1401 and above.

Click Hint 1 to see the chess task for a chess puzzle (Win the queen, Win the rook or mate in 2, Win an exchange, Win in 2 moves, Draw, Find the best 4 moves, Save the rook, Win the bishop, Win a piece, Promote a pawn, Win some material, Mate in 3, Catch the queen, etc.). Click Hint 2 to see the first correct move for the puzzle. Click Solution to study the solution with the best and bad moves, blunders, and with the variations and winning ideas applied…

900 Chess Puzzles has 2 versions: the demo version and the full version. The demo version includes the first 100 puzzles. The demo version of 900 Chess Puzzles may be freely distributed and used. If you wish to use the full version, you are required to buy a license. The program runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows (including Windows 10) and provides puzzle search, timer, direct access, Help, difficulty level of each puzzle, setup wizard and uninstaller, and more…

The full version of 900 Chess Puzzles is compiled and tested for each licensee personally with the following data printed on the first page of the setup wizard and on the program title bars: licensee name and quantity of licenses bought. The full version is delivered to the licensee through e-mail within 3 working days (please be advised that for delivery, Saturday and Sunday are counted as non-working days).

To download the demo version of 900 Chess Puzzles, click the link below:

software sign 900 Chess Puzzles 1.49 – 714 KB
Chess puzzle software for chess beginners to learn and practice chess tactics. Distributed as setup wizard compressed into a single zip file. Unzip it by using WinRAR or similar program, or Windows 7 or later. Then run the setup wizard and follow the instructions until the program starts. The program shortcut will be placed on your desktop.

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