250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles

"250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles by Famous Chess Composers"

A best selection of endgame puzzles by the famous chess composers with the solutions.
Study and Learn Endgame | Chess pdf eBook To Online Chess Puzzles 31-60

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Chess pdf eBook. $4.50. 1. Special Free Offer: The eBook is given for free to All Registered Users of Chess Calculator for FIDE. 2. If you buy the eBook separately, you will get Part 2 with 100 puzzles more.   $4.95 USD

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If you buy "250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles by Famous Chess Composers", you will be given additionally Part 2 of this eBook with 100 chess puzzles more (Chess Puzzles 251-350). You can read more on this ebook below.

About "250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles"
The Chess pdf eBook "250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles" IS NOT a compilation of chess puzzles by any given chess composer, BUT a best collection of chess endgame puzzles of the following famous and well-known masters of chess composition:

Sarrat, Bone, Herlin, Kling, Horwitz, Campbell, Loyd, Steinitz, Cook, Watkinson, Teed , Berger, Salvioli, Votruba, Carvajal, Lasker, Saavedra, Troitzky, Neustadtl, Amelung, Larsen, Sehwers, Rinck, Kubbel, Platov M, Platov V, Reichhelm, Von Holzhausen, Behting, Daniel, Evetski, Hasek, De Villeneuve Escaplon, Dehler, Holm, Koppe, Prokesh, Janovsky, Lazard, Duras, Jacab, Mann, Sackmann, Salkind, Selesniev, Havasi, Mattison, Bergkvist, Graafland, Karstedt, Vancura, Weenink, Dedrle, Maiselis, Reti, Berger, Kliatskin, Mandler, Konig, Moravec, Grigoriev, Kolodjakni, Cohn, Sarychev A, Sarychev K, Bron, De Barbieri, Guliaev, Herbstmann, Kok, Heuacker, Lewitt, Prokesh, Eisenstadt, Fritz, Kakovin, Kozlowski, Sozin, De Feijter, Golberg, Zakhodjakin, Euwe, Gorgiev, Korn, Marwitz, Dall Ava, Dobordzginidze, Halberstadt, Tchen Fino, Selman, Van Altena, Louma, Fontana, Prokop, Farago, Bianchetti, Anderson, Knist, Liburkin, Lommer, Mesman, Dimentberg, Hagemann, Liija, Simoni, Isenegger, Mees, Richter, Voja, Rusenescu, Sindler, Wotawa, Miller, Zappas, Megvinishvili, Pogosjants, Grin, Samilio, Tsurtsumia, Roycroft, Benko.

"250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles" is designed for the chess players rated at 1200-2400 or the unrated who are playing chess as strong. Solving and learning solutions must empower your chess and improve endgame skills.

The main goal of this product is to study and learn. See the Solution Section for the brilliant and good moves for both sides. Each chess puzzle will give you better understanding what to do in a real game…

To download the Demo Version of this Chess pdf eBook, which includes the first 24 chess endgame puzzles of the Full Version, click the following link:

"250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles" [pdf eBook] Demo, 165 KB

Special Free Offer
The Chess pdf eBook "250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles by Famous Chess Composers" is in 2 parts: Part I (250 Chess Puzzles) and Part II (Chess Puzzles 251-350). Part I is given free to the Registered Users of Chess Calculator for FIDE, as a thanks sign.

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Chess pdf eBook. 250 Chess Endgame Puzzles by Famous Chess Composers. Best selection for endgame study.

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